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Working with the weekly show Cronicas, in Univision, I provided a team work perspective and participated in the writing process of some scripts. One of this episodes, for example, influenced the main competitor to anticipate the final of its prime-time show. I transcribed interviews, kept the metadata updated, and created an archive on Vimeo. I did these tasks diligently and improving the processing time. I learned a lot and it helped me to take my first steps in the production and writing field in the United States. I worked with passion, commitment and mystique. 


I cooperated with journalists Laura Weffer and Luz Mely Reyes, for the creation of an information platform managed by journalists in the Venezuelan context. My role was to contribute with the concept and brand identity of Efecto Cocuyo. So for the launching of this new media I coordinated a collective effort for the investigation of the names and meanings and fortunately I found the final idea. I also pushed for the idea to make us known through a crowdfunding campaign to position our new brand and at the same time raise essential resources. For the campaign we created a personality for Efecto Cocuyo based on activism and closeness between journalists and citizens. 

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I work as media freelance producer as well with my company Visual Node LLC, located right now in Duluth, Georgia. More access to video production tools doesn't mean less professional standards. I'm looking forward for that dreamed client with who, together, we'll achieve many breakthroughs.

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Impact: During five years I was the writer and the creator of TV programming audiovisual promos, processing and adapting all kind of genres (series, soap operas, movie premieres, news and opinion TV shows) to the 30 secs and less time frame format.  I became senior copywriter as I was responsible for the design and implementation of advertising campaigns for these contents.  I contributed to improve. We increased the levels of rating and market shares in that period of time.

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