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In different moments of my professional career I have had the role of reporter and editor for printed media. I was part of the funding team of the PAX magazine, a printed media from Caracas, Venezuela in 2006-2007. I have been contributor for other magazines as Contrabando and the marketing publication P&M. I have worked with different formats of the content written production as the short news, the medium and large reports, and interviews.

"A convicted went to make peace in hell"
"The transexual person is not a prostitute" 


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Impact: I was the creator, writer and editor of the Sucre’s county local newspaper Pásalo, specifically for the Fundasucre Institute. We gave coverage of local news related with city’s improvements promoted by communities. Information about accountability of local public resources was also spread in the newspaper. 


Impact: I was responsible for the publishing of content for the awareness of refugees’ rights in Venezuela. During my service the divulgative materials, which are one of the most important tools in the communication with authorities, diplomats representatives, and beneficiaries, were renewed. The writing and composition of the periodic newsletter, press releases,  human trafficking, and refugees’ protection brochures. Successfully I managed the relations with journalists and the mainstream media.  

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