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I was responsible for the publishing of content for the awareness of refugees’ rights in Venezuela. During my service the divulgative materials, which are one of the most important tools in the communication with authorities, diplomats representatives, and beneficiaries, were renewed. The writing and composition of the periodic newsletter, press releases,  human trafficking, and refugees’ protection brochures. Successfully I managed the relations with journalists and the mainstream media. 

During my time as Public Information Officer in Caracas, I was responsible for the production and distribution of printed, digital, and audiovisual content, specially for the World`s Refugee Day, in two occasions. One of my main achievements while I was working in this post was to complete all procedures and for the distribution and broadcasting of the annual spots trough open and national TV networks, under a kind in contribution arrangement. The transmission of the WRD spot during a month, two successive years, though two national TV networks, beside local networks, resulted in an “in kind” contribution near to US$ 3,000,000.00

carter center

Before I obtained this job I had been analyzing the polarization in media and journalists in Venezuela during 2000 - 2003, and I had been promoting some activities to de-escalate the conflict with a group of journalists. When the Carter Center arrived and they deployed their mediation agenda our interests concurred. I started to work under the direction of Francisco Diez, and my goal was to generate activities to assist journalists in middle of the conflict, help them to surpass the polarization, and to rebuild their expected roles.

We designed a workshop with particular characteristics of the Venezuelan case, and we also incorporated analytical and practical tools from the Argentinian mediation school, Johan Galtung`s academic references, and also those from Jean Paul Lederach. We also designed messages, promoted organizations to raise awareness about potential violence and contain it. The work was very hard but we could influence political actors in order to handle the conflict to peaceful means. See less

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